About Us

FIRE. FOOD. FRIENDS. Since primal times, these elements have defined civilization. He who controls the FIRE, controls his destiny.
Our story begins in 2006.
Our founder, Eric Djie, an award-winning industrial engineer, was designing grills for a high-end company overseas. And even though grills had undergone various updates here and there, the industry was begging for innovation. With grilling styles ever evolving, why weren’t grills? Eric sought a way to change that. He put his 30 years of industrial design, innovative mind, and industry
relationships to work and moved to Austin, Texas. Thus, MODEQ
was born.
Quality, industrial capabilities, design, and functionality are the foundation of all that we do. Of Eric’s desire to create and innovate, an entirely new system was formed. Each piece of our equipment functions in a modular system so that you can link, build, and customize your outdoor experience. Every item is designed to last, and to meet the high demands of your modern lifestyle from design to functionality – MODEQ is equipment that is created to last a lifetime.